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I help people by either teaching website design or providing web design and digital marketing as a service via my agency, Ayni Media. I'm also always looking for ways to create and sell digital products. For four years I was building websites and providing growth based digital marketing services for other agencies all over the world but in 2020 I decided that it was time for me to begin serving my own customers directly. Ayni Media primarily serves clients based in the Myrtle Beach, SC area - my community - but can fully service and support nearly any small business in North America. Need a free website and SEO audit? Then please send me a message using the contact form below. In addition, please explore more information about the services I offer as well as my personal journey.

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Welcome to the "dudaverse"

Have you ever heard of "Duda"? It's the secret web design platform that many agencies use to provide amazing websites for their clients. I will help you discover and learn duda as a way to make money online. It's up to you, if you want to create a profitable freelance side-hustle or start a web design and digital marketing agency.

Tired of dealing with premium themes, plugin updates, security vulnerabilities, and what feels like constant maintenance? Looking for a fantastic WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly or Wix alternative? That is exactly why Duda was created! To make website design fun, intuitive, and FAST so you can quickly manage multiple sites all while making coding completely optional. This is the dudaverse!

My online school teaches people how to create a professional website for their business. Even better yet, you can begin building websites for other businesses as a freelancer or start your own digital marketing agency. That's how I started and you can too! Visit learnduda.com for more information.

It all started with Ayni Media

In 2019, after reading Company of One by Paul Jarvis, I created a web design and digital marketing agency but didn't have a concrete plan out of the gate. I had been freelancing for three years at that point and thought, what if I could build something that helps people on a larger scale but can also support my family if I lost my job again? Ayni Media would become the hub for everything I work on. 'Ayni' is about reciprocity in that service comes before profit. Sure, most people want to build profitable businesses (I sure do) but Ayni Media is about helping people, identifying their needs as it pertains to website design or business growth, and then fulfilling those needs. We often give before asking for anything. That's ayni. It's my little company of one. And no, that does not mean it's only one person who's involved.

Do you need a website for your business or require help with creating purposeful SEO driven content? What about improving your domain score? Is it time to modernize your website for mobile? How about Google My Business? Are you taking the necessary steps to increase impressions, ranking, & click-through rate (CTR)? Are you running a digital agency that requires expert duda website design services? Ayni Media has the expertise at a price point that fits any budget.

Custom Shipstation Packing Slips

As I began my journey in website design, I also discovered a small niche in helping shipstation.com customers who needed customized shipstation packing slips. I launched shipstationtemplates.com in order to provide pre-made packing slip designs to help shipstation users brand and utilize both popular, as well as unique, packing slips. Need a design that's not currently available in the online store? Be sure to contact me directly and send along your requirements. Can I design anything you can imagine? No. Have I been able to custom design MANY variations of packing slips for shipstation customers? YES! Finding opportunities for digital products that help businesses is very rewarding.

More about Tom

  • BS Computer Engineer

  • MS Communications & Information Management

  • Has lived up and down the east coast of the US

  • Worked for some pretty great companies

For as long as I can remember, I've been a tech guy. It started with the Commodore 64 and later, as a teen, I setup and configured a Wildcat BBS and built custom PCs. When the public internet arrived, I began to create web pages, learned a 'wee' bit of code, and pursued a formal education as a computer engineer. Fast forward 20+ years, and there's a masters degree thrown in there, a growing family, song writing and rock bands, learning enterprise software support and services, moving 1000 miles from home, enduring multiple layoffs, living through the loss of friends and family, all of which provided a renewed perspective on life and how I define joy and fulfillment. My goals today look nothing like they did five years ago. Everything I do now is aligned to service.

From a young age, I was groomed to goto school, get the best education I could, then find good jobs that support my family and play it safe. Fairly typical, for a low-middle class upbringing. Save for retirement, maybe have a couple of hobbies, and spend the bulk of my life locked into a 9-5 job while trying to climb the corporate ladder. Sound familiar? I learned that putting my eggs into one basket wasn't enough. There's so much more to do. So many ways to provide value to other people and businesses.

Sharing and profiting from your skills and capabilities outside of your fulltime job, should be a norm, not the exception. For years I've been afraid to brand myself as someone who executes in all of these roles, but I'm tired of being afraid. And shame on me if I have skills and expertise that can help people but I don't explore it due to my fulltime work commitment. If I can do it, so can you. Stop being afraid and start doing what you were meant to do. Do you have to quit your fulltime job? NO! There is no reason why we as individuals cannot work across multiple spectrums to, not only provide, but to serve as best we can. If your goal is to replace your fulltime income and work for yourself, that's up to you to decide. My point is, you should enjoy your work, keep learning, expanding your skills, and build multiple income streams. Then let the chips fall.

Contact Tom

Want to schedule a call? Sure, I have contact forms on my websites and people often engage with me on Twitter and YouTube but feel free to use the form below to send me a general inquiry. Be sure to include dates and times that fit your schedule and I'll either follow up directly or schedule an online meeting.

This site was built using carrd.io
Create your personal website using referral code: XW2S1BK5
Affiliate: Tom would receive a commission if you activate or renew a carrd.io PRO plan